Fast and Simple Self-Awareness Training


GUEST 12 - Fast and Simple Self-Awareness Training

By becoming more self-aware we learn to see with more clarity the story lines and past conditionings

we have allowed to cloud our everyday life. By training our mind to become more aware of what these story lines are we can then learn to interrupt unhelpful emotional reactivity to any given moment. We also train our brain to notice our mental habits, good and bad, so we can have more freedom to choose how we act.


Here is a simple and short 3-minute mindfulness meditation;

to help you build non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts, feelings, sensations and mental habits. Incorporating an easy-to-do practice into your daily routine will help you to do this during times of need, or when you are faced with emotional triggers.


First, begin by getting into a comfortable sitting position with your back straight but relaxed. You can close your eyes or choose to gaze down slightly.



breathing  470x264 - Fast and Simple Self-Awareness Training


Secondly, take a few deep breaths. Get a sense of what you are feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally. For example, what thoughts and feelings are you aware of, and can you feel any tightness in your body. Do this for one minute.


Follow this with bringing full attention to your breathing, as if you are a curious scientist discovering breathing for the first time. Notice it coming in and notice the sensation of the breath going out. Try to identify the exact point of the end of an inhale and the end of an exhale. This will help you to maintain your focus on the breath. Do this for one minute.


sitting 470x264 - Fast and Simple Self-Awareness Training


Then bring your awareness back to your physical body, feel into the entirety of the body in this moment. Allow whatever sensation is there to just be. Experience it as it is. Feel the positioning of your body. Do this for another minute.


If at any point your mind wanders, just gently see where it wandered to. Allow yourself to touch that thought for a moment and bring your attention, as if guiding a lost puppy, back to the sensations of the body.