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tips for gaining freedom from burnout e book - Freedom from Burnout E-Book

Did you know the World Health Organisation has now classifed Burnout Sydnrome as an Occupational Condition and is included in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an occupational phenomenon?

Anyone is at risk of suffering from burnout, whether you are a teacher, nurse, stay at home mum, flight attendant, customer service staff, doctor, personal trainer, architect, entrepreneur etc…

Burnout is a term to describe when we feel physically and emotionally exhausted and feel both powerless and overwhelmed at work or in our daily life. We feel depleted and we are chronically frustrated. Over time this not only affects our own emotional and physical health, it also negatively impacts our family, work, and personal life.

Burnout is driven by an ideal of working harder and harder, putting one’s own needs last, feeling isolated and denying what is happening, leading to the neglect of what truly matters in our heart.

Suffering chronic burnout costed me multiple six-figures in income, physical health and years of emotional struggle simply because I did not have the guidance from an experienced coach who has been through it themselves.

But I don’t want that to happen to you. I have not only discovered a way to harness the power of self-compassion and mindfulness to heal burnout and create greater serenity and inner freedom; I have also found alignment with my heart’s compass in the process using a blend of my expertise in psychology, behavior analysis, mindfulness, and Eastern philosophies.

This is why I have created this free e-book to help those of you who identify with all of the above, so that you can start the process of healing and start living the kind of life you want.

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TLB Multi - Freedom from Burnout E-Book

I am passionate about establishing deeper connections between people, not just locally but globally, which is why I have decided to create the movement of:

“Think. Love. Be.”

It’s simplicity belies its power.

I believe if we each spent more time doing all three of these things, in unison, we would find a profound shift within us that would reflect in the world around us too, things like greater harmony, peace, tolerance, understanding, compassion and connection.

Applying these three principles to our life and all that we do reminds us of our sacred duty to our humanity.