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"Tips for discovering your
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Do you ever wonder what is it all about? What are you here for? What makes your life meaningful? Do you ever feel a sense of loss of direction or deep un-fullfilment but you put on a brave face anyways and plod along everyday not having mindful self awareness of what truly matters deep in your heart?

Having a heart’s compass and knowing what truly matters deep in your heart will help inspire and motivate you to persist in walking towards the path of living your best life?

However, you may feel like being able to do what truly matters to you seems to be so distant from your own reality. Your lack of confidence and motivation seems to always get in the way of achieving our dream. Your struggles with your own anxiety, insecurities, and fears become barriers to having your goals manifested in reality.

That is why skillful guidance in answering these questions will help you to overcome your limiting beliefs and gain genuine confidence to help you create a richer, more meaningful life your way.

This is why I have created this free e-book to start the process of discovering what will make you love your life again, as well as overcome fear and self doubt so you can gain genuine confidence to live it.

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TLB Multi - Heart's Compass E-Book

I am passionate about establishing deeper connections between people, not just locally but globally, which is why I have decided to create the movement of:

“Think. Love. Be.”

It’s simplicity belies its power.

I believe if we each spent more time doing all three of these things, in unison, we would find a profound shift within us that would reflect in the world around us too, things like greater harmony, peace, tolerance, understanding, compassion and connection.

Applying these three principles to our life and all that we do reminds us of our sacred duty to our humanity.