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Mindfultude™ Cards by TLB

gratitude cards on table - Mindful Gratitude Cards

Did you know practicing gratitude and mindfulness has the power to reshape your neural pathways and boosts your dopamine (the feel-good brain chemical)??

It has also been proven to keep you healthier, happier, promote better sleep as well as lower anxiety and depression!

See once you start seeing things to be grateful for, it’s hard to not find more things to be grateful about. It creates a beautiful cycle that adds multiple layers of value to your life. 💙

Still, contrary to what you may have heard, this transformation in your perspective will not happen overnight.

For this reason I created these beautiful MindfulTude Cards™ as prompts and/or conversation starters which will help you to reflect on and encourage gratitude and appreciation in your daily life so that you can start your Grateful/Mindfulness journey with your best foot forward.

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THINK about what you are grateful for

LOVE the abundance which exists in your life at this very moment

BE the transformation of positivity in the cycle of gratitude

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TLB Multi - Mindful Gratitude Cards

I am passionate about establishing deeper connections between people, not just locally but globally, which is why I have decided to create the movement of:

“Think. Love. Be.”

It’s simplicity belies its power.

I believe if we each spent more time doing all three of these things, in unison, we would find a profound shift within us that would reflect in the world around us too, things like greater harmony, peace, tolerance, understanding, compassion and connection.

Applying these three principles to our life and all that we do reminds us of our sacred duty to our humanity.