Mindful Behaviour Coaching


My journey with mindfulness began with a childhood immersed in Eastern philosophies and Buddhism

From a young age, I would spend my Sunday mornings meditating with the family. I longed to understand the human mind from a psychological perspective. This curiosity and passion soon led me to train as a psychologist.


Fast foward 30 years or so.

I left my job as a psychologist to take a break from the cumulative stress of the job. However, my body and my mind began to exhibit severe signs of burnout syndrome. The feelings of constant exhaustion, anxiety, and body shame.

When I realised this, I knew something had to change. So, I reconnected with my Eastern philosophy roots and started to combine the knowledge of mindfulness with my own psychology background. This helped me to reclaim my inner freedom and serenity.


By longing to alleviate my own emotional suffering

It was natural to begin to practice mindfulness again for myself and to start teaching it in my local town, here in Whangarei; and remotely via online platforms. This combination of various areas of knowledge and expertise gave me a clear path to become a great mindfulness life coach for others.

As a result of this work, I realized there is much value in assisting others to learn mindfulness in a practical way. Many people feel so overwhelmed with daily jobs and expectations, any non-practical solutions will just create more needless stress.


My goal is to boost clients’ personal resilience and increase their inner serenity.

As a mindful behaviour coach, I will help

  • Translate and demystify mindfulness
  • Guide you towards implementing a mindful way of being and away from “commercial mindfulness”
  • To shift your perspectives from a world of barriers and obstacle to one of unlimited possibility
  • You to tap into your own innate wisdom in order to achieve your goals

It is life-coaching with taking action

One of the most common complaints about therapy is that it takes too long or doesn’t produce tangible results.

As a former psychologist, I now blend a powerful coaching approach with evidence-based behavior analysis, I help you come up with immediate constructive steps that will improve your life right away. Therefore, if you are ready to progress faster or go further then you will benefit from this model of coaching.

You are empowered to go beyond a discussion of symptoms into topics of core values, knowing how to self-motivate towards desired goals; as well as make choices based on meaning and purpose. I can help you make the connection between “knowing” what you need to do and actually doing it.

You are in the steering position and I will be helping you to get to where you want to go, in the fastest, most focused manner possible.


The coaching takes place within a space of patience, trust, openness, and letting go.


Above all, the mindfulness coaching program will help you rewire your brain and form new neural connections. These new neural connections will be your foundation for a transformed reality.


I am currently not taking 1:1 clients.


Setting a new way of being takes discipline and commitment

Just like an athlete training for strength, it is important that we do not wait for a sunny day to train.

With any behavioral change, it is important to explore why you want to change and what you want out of it. So, it can motivate you to look for resources and time for prioritizing yourself.


By becoming more self-aware and mindful

We stop being affected by fear, indecision, other people’s opinions, and societal conditioning.  Authentic choices can only come from a place of stillness, reflection, and mindfulness. It is from this place you learn to act according to your own scripts.

You will discover your own unique source of inner compass guided by your heart. It is where solutions to problems are found.


We engage in present and future oriented conversations about

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Success
  • Pleasure
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Effectiveness
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“Sharon’s unique approach to improving your life using a blend of western psychology and eastern philosophies combined with her genuine love and care for wanting the best for her clients, is rare. If you get the opportunity to work with Sharon, do it.”



“…Sharon is a highly intelligent, educated and intuitive woman and is fun and easy to talk to. I felt instantly connected and comfortable around her. She was so helpful at coaching me through some issues i was dealing with and it’s clear that she genuinely cares for other people…using her knowledge and skills to coach, support and uplift other women is her true calling.”


So why is it I help women experiencing burnout to ALSO conquer limiting-beliefs? I will explain why:

Often we believe the only answer to our burnout is by eliminating the external stressors. For example, quitting our jobs, wishing our colleagues weren’t so difficult to deal with, hoping the organization systems would change, and so on. This can lead to a sense of hopelessness and utter frustration.


You may even think a dramatic career change will improve everything.

Nevertheless, even if you do that; there is a big chance all your feelings and habitual reactions will follow you to your new job. For example, persistent self-limiting beliefs, perfectionist mindsets, feelings of unworthiness.


Most importantly, it is not until we take the time to become mindfully aware of

  • What exactly your limiting beliefs are,
  • Where they came from, and
  • What behaviors you need to change

that you can truly find alignment between your core values and the life that represent those values.


And I know my unique set of skills can help you too.


I am currently not taking on more 1:1 clients.


Find out if we are the right fit or if this kind of coaching suits you, please complete this small questionnaire or schedule a 15 minute free consultation with me.

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“I worked closely wtih Sharon for a number of years whilst working with children. She always grounded me and helped me come up with conclusions that meant a win/win for both child and adult. i have incorporated much of her advice and philosophy into my work and personl life on a daily basis since, and can not thank her enough. she is pure heart.”



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“I have become much more aware of what is important in my life, I have learned new skills to help with stress and anxiety. Thank you Sharon, you are kind and thoughtful.”