Signs you have remembrances of a past-life: and if you are ready for hypnosis

GUEST 10 - Signs you have remembrances of a past-life: and if you are ready for hypnosis

  • One of the most common signs most people will encounter that indicates a remembrance of a past life is the feeling of déjà vu—the sensation that you have already seen this image before, been at a certain location, performed a certain action, or even that you have already met a person; yet you have had no prior experiences with this in this life.


  • Another way you know is having a dream that is so real, and so emotionally charged that you feel like it could not have been made up, or that you felt like you were actually there. Sometimes you may even intuitively know certain things about this person you could did not explicitly observe in the dream.


  • You may have a show a talent or possess a natural ability that you have never studied or practiced before in this lifetime; sometimes from a very young age. For example, foreign language abilities, musical talent etc


  • You have a deep love or even unexplainable dislike for certain cultures, time periods or places. You may even tend to want to watch things or read information about these attractions constantly.


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  • A strong sense that a relationship with a person close to you, or even someone you really don’t like, has a deeper meaning than outward appearances. You may even feel like they frequently turn up at the “right time” to help you/or the “wrong time”. You may even feel indebted to this person in some way. Strong attachments like these often point towards a possibility of having a soul contract between the two of you.


  • Memories and experiences from past lives can pass to subsequent lifetimes and leave residual energy. For example there may be past life traumas that we have brought forth in our present lifetimes such as fears and phobias. Examples of these might be a fear of certain places, animals, sounds, smells, or even objects.  At times, these things can seem irrational or have no known triggers in this life time.


Often these are also signs that you are ready to find out more about your past lives, as these memories have a way of helping us to become more open minded to this information. Through hypnosis you can discover where your two realities intersect; how your past lives relate to your present life time and heal in unimaginable ways.